21 oct 2021

Kavinsky, the producer who exploded with the soundtrack of Drive, is back with a new album

The French electro producer, who met with colossal success with his hit Nightcall , featured on the excellent soundtrack of the film Drive (2011), is preparing a second album, eight years after the gleaming OutRun.


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Few French artists, apart from Daft Punk, Justice or Air, have managed to export themselves abroad. Vincent Belorgey alias Kavinsky can boast of being one of the lucky ones thanks to his hit Nightcall , which accompanied the nocturnal images of the phenomenon film Drive (2011) with Ryan Gosling. The electro producer signed to the Record Makers label had released, in 2013, the impressive OutRun which told the story of a young man who killed himself in a Ferrari Testarossa in 1986 before reappearing as a zombie producer in 2006. Produced with his friend SebastiAn and including a collaboration with Daft Punk’s Guy-Man (on production), the gleaming synthpop album has not aged a bit. Alas, the artist, who is also an actor (we saw him with Quentin Dupieux) had not given any news of himself since then, favoring DJ sets and preferring to hide behind his dark glasses rather than seek the spotlight at all costs.


Before the renaissance? After a mysterious tease posted last June on his Instagram account, Kavinsky has just announced a follow-up to his first album entitled Reborn. While the release date has not yet been announced, a first single, Renegade, is scheduled for November 19. It is unknown if the producer close to the label Ed Banger who has influenced artists such as Perturbator or Carpenter Brut will change his sound to explore other synthetic universes (or not). But the three visuals shared on his social networks about this new project suggest an aesthetic close to that of John Carpenter and Kavinsky’s obsessions with electronics evoking the sounds of video games and film soundtracks. And since the Frenchman has already collaborated with big names such as The Weeknd and toured with Daft Punk, we can start dreaming of prestigious guests.


Renegade (2021) by Kavinsky, available on November 19.