3 apr 2023

What’s in store for Adam McKay’s upcoming film starring Robert Pattinson as a serial killer?

After the tremendous success of Don’t Look Up (2021), American director Adam McKay will once again reunite stars of the cinema industry, like Robert Pattinson, in his upcoming film Average Height, Average Build scheduled for 2024.

Robert Pattinson in the film The Devil, All the Time (2020) © Glen Wilson/Netflix

1. Robert Pattinson as a serial killer in Adam McKay’s upcoming film


First making a name for himself on the small screen with his participation in Michael Moore’s TV show The Awful Truth, and then as the head writer of the NBC entertainment show Saturday Night Live, the career of Adam McKay, 54, seems to have taken a completely different turn. Everything changed for him in 2021 with the release of his feature film, Don’t Look Up, on Netflix. The comedy drama quickly became the second most viewed film in the history of the platform, after Red Notice (2021). With the remarkable performances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, this genuine cry for help in the face of our governments’ inaction regarding global warming has opened new doors for the director. Adam McKay’s new project, Average Height, Average Build, scheduled for 2024, will also feature a cast of prestigious actors including Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr., Forest Whitaker, and Amy Adams, and will blend murders, lobbyists, and American politics. Following on from Don’t Look Up, the director targets yet another flaw in the American political system. The corruption that often plagues the upper levels of power is now the focus in Average Height, Average Build. Robert Pattinson will play the role of a serial killer who gets into politics with the help of a lobbyist (Amy Adams) in order to change the laws so he can escape prosecutions. Robert Downey Jr. will play a retired police officer who keeps investigating and tracking the killer.

Amy Adams in the film First Contact (2016) © Sony Pictures Releasing France

2. Robert Pattinson and Amy Adams: two sought-after actors


Recently seen alongside Zoë Kravitz in Matt Reeves’ blockbuster The Batman (2022), the presence British actor Robert Pattinson, who was propelled into the spotlight with the Twilight saga, is more vital than ever for producers and directors of major films. After the commercial success of the first opus, with more than 2 million tickets sold in France, the fictional story following Bruce Wayne throughout Gotham City is about to have a sequel – The Batman Part II will be released in 2025. Robert Pattinson will also be starring in Bong Joon Ho’s next film, Mickey 17, coming out on May 27th, 2024. As for the American actress Amy Adams, she will soon join the casts of the horror comedy Nightbitch (2023) and of the Netflix series Kings of America, whose release date remains unknown yet. One thing is for sure, Adam McKay has a knack for casting acclaimed actors who feel equally at home in drama and action films. One question remains, however: will Average Height, Average Build be able to crystallize the evils of an era with the same accuracy as in Don’t Look Up?


Average Height, Average Build (2024) by Adam McKay, coming out soon.