4 sep 2020

Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi get to heaven in the series “Miracle Workers”

A comic incursion into heaven with Miracle Workers, Simon Rich’s zany new series starring Steve Buscemi and Daniel Radcliffe.

At Heaven’s Inc., a sort of contemporary heaven that looks like an industrial enterprise, the human race is in danger: God – the CEO of this multinational – depressed by the excesses and violence of Man, is on the verge of blowing up Earth to devote himself instead to opening a restaurant. Two angels, determined to defend humanity are fiercely against this project. So, God sets them a challenge: Earth will be saved if the angels succeed in getting two humans to fall in love in just two weeks. 


To write Miracle Workers, the American comedian and scriptwriter Simon Rich adapted his own novel What’s in God’s name, published in 2012. The role of God goes to Steve Buscemi, as seen in movies by the Coen brothers (The Big Lebowski, Fargo), Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction) and Tim Burton (Big Fish, Sleepy Hollow). Daniel Radcliffe and Geraldine Viswanathan play the two angels determined to save our planet. 


Broadcast in the USA from February 12th, the seven episodes of the first season of Miracle Workers will arrive in France on Warner TV from Saturday March 30th.