25 dec 2023

Ryan Gosling becomes Ken again for an EP and a hilarious video

Margot Robbie shines as a plastic doll in Barbie (2023), directed by Greta Gerwig, while Ryan Gosling does not disappoint as Ken, singing and dancing with fervor, in between questioning masculinity. And to the delight of his fans, he’s back in Ken’s suit for the holidays, for an EP and a rousing video illustrating the song I’m Just Ken (in a version specially designed for Christmas).

was one of the biggest successes of 2023. And the resounding success of this live-action adaptation of the adventures of the world’s most famous doll owes much to the charm and talent of its lead actors. Of course, there’s the flawless, moving performance by the formidable
Margot Robbie
(The Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad). The Australian actress has a dreamy figure, blonde hair and a smile that fit the role perfectly. But it adds an extra touch of soul and mischief to this rather too perfect toy.


Ken’s revenge in the Barbie movie


But next to this
life-size Barbie, another cult toy marketed since by Mattel has won over audiences on the big screen: Ken. Long neglected in favor of his girlfriend, the plastic man gets his revenge thanks to director Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird, Doctor March’s Daughters) and, above all, Canadian actor Ryan Goslingwho takes on the role of Barbie’s lover.

The cover of Ken The EP (2023) by Ryan Gosling & Mark Ronson.

I’m Just Ken: the movie hit sung by Ryan Gosling

After turning down the role for the first time because of his busy schedule, the hero of
La La Land
and Blade Runner 2049, who is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, plays the male doll to perfection (and with great humor).
Ryan Gosling
a muscular, blond-haired actor with angelic blue eyes, has all the makings of a dream Ken. But his performance is adorned with a hint of kitsch and a questioning of masculinity that takes him beyond the status of a mere accessory.


To convince yourself of this, listen to the brand new
Ken The EP
which has just been released for the holidays, and includes four versions of the funny and effective track already heard in the film
I’m Just Ken
.. Alongside Mark Ronson (producing), Ryan Gosling reveals his vocal talent and his sense of interpretation, inhabited and very rock; Cherry on the tree (neon pink)? The actor once again dons Ken’s costume (and glasses) to play the flamboyant crooner in a clip, which accompanies the specially imagined Christmas version of the hit: I’m Just Ken (Merry Kristmas Barbie). A potential hit that could overshadow Mariah Carey and Brenda Lee…


Barbie (2023) by Greta Gerwig, available on DVD. Ken The EP by Ryan Gosling & Mark Ronson, available.