16 jun 2022

Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton team up for a Formula 1 movie

Motor racing has never ceased to inspire the cinema. Thrills, rushes of adrenaline and male rivalries: American cinema has made this theme the focus of many films and it’s not about to stop. Apple TV+ has in fact announced a promising new project about Formula 1, produced by Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton.

Following the success of the film Le Mans ‘66 (2019), starring Matt Damon, about the construction of a new car that was to defeat the Ferrari, Hollywood has uncovered the magic formula: speed, suspense and cars taking off at full throttle. Add the American actor Brad Pitt, Lewis Hamilton, the most popular Formula 1 champion of the star system, and the director Joseph Kosinski, fresh from the success of his latest film, Top Gun: Maverick and keen on controlled skids and dust clouds, and you have one of the most appealing projects of the year.


Apple TV+ has just announced that it has acquired the rights to produce a Formula 1 film starring Brad Pitt, who will also produce it alongside Lewis Hamilton and Joseph Kosinski. The script for the film, which is currently untitled and has no release date, is expected to revolve around a veteran driver, presumably played by Brad Pitt, who comes out of retirement to mentor a young driver, while seizing a last opportunity to win on the race track.


Lewis Hamilton has already been announced as a producer, but rumours are rife that Formula 1 fans may spot their favourite driver in a small role. Even though the British star has announced that his job will be solely behind the camera: he will make sure that everything is true to real car racing. Either way, we’re in for a wild ride.


The film, produced by Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt, does not have a release date yet.