3 may 2024

Dua Lipa in 7 memorable collaborations, from Miley Cyrus to Madonna

As Dua Lipa is about to release her third studio album, Radical Optimism, on May 3rd, 2024, Numéro takes a look back at her best collaborations, from Calvin Harris to Madonna and Miley Cyrus…

1. “One Kiss”, Calvin Harris’ and Dua Lipa’s hit


In 2018, Scottish producer and DJ Calvin Harris teamed up with British pop star Dua Lipa to release the summer hit of the year, One Kiss, an irresistible electronic track which racks up over 904 million views on YouTube today. In 2022, the two artists expanded their collaboration with Potion, a song that once again was played all over the beaches, open-air bars and clubs. American rapper Young Thug made a guest appearance on this sensual, retro-futuristic, upbeat, electro-pop-funk-disco track, as well as in the dreamy, 1970s-inspired music video. A magic potion of sorts… (VS)


One Kiss (2018) by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa and Potion (2022) by Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa and Young Thug, available now on all streaming platforms.

2. The sexy “Electricity” by Silk City and Dua Lipa


Shortly after the success of One Kiss, her first collaboration with Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa once again electrified the dancefloor with the release of Electricity, a track produced with Silk City, a duo that gathers Mark Ronson and Diplo. In the music video of this ultra-danceable track, we see the then-rising British pop star performing an ultra-sexy choreography in a white crop top and red mini shorts. (EC)


Electricity (2018) by Silk City and Dua Lipa, available now on all streaming platforms.

3. “Sweetest Pie”, Dua Lipa’s sultry duo with Megan Thee Stallion


In 2022, Megan The Stallion invited Dua Lipa to collaborate on the track Sweetest Pie. While the song is a perfect blend of pop and rap, the music video is just as compelling. Directed by Dave Meyers, who has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, this bold video is a dive into an eerie, fantastical forest, with images reminiscent of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel or of the adventures of Indiana Jones. (CB)


Sweetest Pie (2022) by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa, available now on all streaming platforms.

4. “Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)”, Dua Lipa’s collaboration with Elton John


Unity is strength… When Elton John joined Dua Lipa and unveiled his remix of Cold Heart, the 76-year-old singer once again made history by having a single ranking in the top 10 in six different decades. This heady and catchy track, remixed by Australian electronic music group PNAU, confirms Dua Lipa’s position as a superstar just like the most iconic artists of our generation. (EC)

5. “Fever”, the hit song by Dua Lipa and Angèle


After collaborating with Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliott and Mark Ronson on her album Club Future Nostalgia released in August 2020, Dua Lipa hits back with a track on which she invites… the infamous Belgian singer Angèle. In the video for Fever, the latter follows the rising British pop star on a wild night out in a Burberry total look. With over 130 million views on YouTube, this video seems to have sealed the friendship between the two singers (EC).


Fever (2020), by Dua Lipa and Angèle, available now on all streaming platforms.

6. “Prisoner”, or when Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa play rock stars


In 2020, Miley Cyrus unveils her 1980s-inspired, rock album Plastic Hearts. Produced by Mark Ronson, this brilliant opus featuring Billy Idol and Joan Jett also includes a collaboration with British singer Dua Lipa on the track Prisoner. Awfully sensual, the two artists turn into touring rockstars in a video that has everything of a Sapphic romance (EC).


Prisoner (2020) by Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa, available now on all streaming platforms.

7. “Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix)”: Dua Lipa, Madonna and Missy Elliott’s iconic trio


Collaborating with Elton John is one thing, collaborating with Madonna is quite another. Riding on the success of her album Future Nostalgia (2020), Dua Lipa unveiled an album entirely composed of remixes. On the sunny track Levitating, the queen of pop joined rapper Missy Elliott and singer Dua Lipa for an iconic trio. The remix made by American DJ The Blessed Madonna was just the icing on the cake (EC).


Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix) (2020) by Dua Lipa, featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott, available now on all streaming platforms.


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