22 oct 2021

Jul brings together 154 rappers on his next project and unveils an excerpt

One year after the release of the acclaimed  album13 Organised, bringing together about fifty rappers from Marseille, Jul unveils the very first single from his next highly anticipated project, entitled Classico Organised, which will bring together more than one hundred and fifty artists from Marseille… and Parisians.

After Jul played football at the Heroes’ Match, a charity sporting event for Unicef, the Marseille rapper is back with the very first single from his next highly anticipated project, Classico Organised. Entitled Loi de la calle, the track highlights the verses of eight artists, half of whom are from Marseille and the other half Parisian, to stick to the concept of the project.


Like the album 13 Organised, which brought together about fifty of rappers from Marseille (especially on Success Organized gang), we find some big names from the Phocaean City in this track, including Jul, Alonzo, Le Rat Luciano and Kofs, opposed to the capital’s leading rappers Lacrim, DA Uzi, Niro and Mister You. The track, almost six minutes long, invites each artist to kick one after the other, on an old-school atmosphere and without any chorus.


A successful foretaste of the Classico Organised, which should bring together no less than one hundred and fifty-four rappers. If for the moment the list of names is still unclear, it should perhaps become clearer in the coming days, since Jul has promised an announcement at the same time as the real Classico between Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain at the Velodrome on October 24 .


Classico Organised (2021), multi-artist, release scheduled for November 5.