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Prada invites five photographers to shoot its Spring-Summer 2021 menswear collection

Fashion Week

Willy Vanderperre, Martine Syms, Joanna Piotrowska, Juergen Teller and Terence Nance: these are the five photographers invited by Prada to shoot photos and videos of its new Spring-Summer menswear collection. Each one of them offers a unique take on the line, which gives different ways of appreciating the new elegant and minimalist pieces created by Miuccia Prada.

Digital Fashion Week offers designers the ability to imagine innovative presentations and different ways of tackling the introduction of their new line. This is what Prada chose to do for its Spring-Summer 2021 menswear collection, with multiple takes on its work. Rather than collaborating with just one artist to capture her new creations, Miuccia Parada invited five photographers to shoot and film the new line. One after the other, Willy Vanderperre, Martine Syms, Joanna Piotrowska, Juergen Teller and Terence Nance all unveil a unique “chapter” of the video posted on Prada’s YouTube channel. Among them, Juergen Teller chose to have the models pose in an engine room, surrounded by pipes and gas cylinders, while Martine Syms had them walk in front of bottle-green cinema seats.


Regarding the collection, Miuccia Prada takes on a minimalist approach, a choice which masks the obvious research of sustainability of the pieces. This new line almost appears as a teaser for the first Prada collection designed by Raf Simons, expected to be presented in September. The Italian creative director showcases elegant basics, that oddly reminds of the Belgian designer’s taste for simplicity. The whites, greys and navy blues dominate these ensembles, monochromatic or not, while camels, old pinks and pale blues warm up others. As for the feminine pieces, a lot of bustier or strap dresses are to be found in this collection, as well as light satin dresses that almost look like negligees, along with shirts tucked in asymmetric pencil skirts. The men wear long coats and fitted suits that slim their silhouette. Amongst the novelties, we find multiple boat necks, windbreakers, shorts, tank tops and leggings made out of technical fabrics that allude to a more sporty wardrobe.


Prada Multiple Views Spring/Summer 2021 – The Show That Never Happened