Colors and textures, as well as the silhouettes, painted by Amoako Boafo, were what brought Kim Jones' new collection to life. Here, the designer uses radiant and soft tones - coral, yellow and pastel blue, light grey, lilac or aniseed green - that can be found on the clothes or backgrounds painted by the artist, while his curved silhouettes with tricolour belts, where many shorts are mixed with shirts and jackets with ample shoulders and sharp trousers lengthening their legs, take up the graceful look that characterises the subjects of his canvases. One of Kim Jones' favourite paintings, which shows a young man in a shirt covered in ivy, is literally taken up by the creator, while another male face painted by the artist is directly incorporated into a thick fur sweater. As for the Dior monogram, it appears discreetly on sweaters and socks to blend elegantly into this wardrobe carrying a very contemporary masculinity.


In a video directed by Dior, in which Amaoko Boafo and Kim Jones both express themselves on their collaboration, the canvases and silhouettes are layered, intersecting and colliding to best illustrate this fruitful creative encounter. As an ongoing reference to Monsieur Dior, flowers make their appearance on the pieces they enlighten, embroidered with sequins, but also in the hands of models. A production that reflects both the delicacy and sensitivity of Amoako Boafo's paintings and the new wind that Kim Jones has been blowing through the French house for two years now.