3 may 2024

What are the loafers on trend this season?

Loafers are still prevailing in the fashion sphere. Numéro has picked the top 6 types of loafers on trend this spring.

What type of loafers will you be wearing for this spring-summer 2024?


Inherited from the Native American know-how of the 18th century, loafers have been spotted in every city for generations. Timeless and comfortable, these shoes don’t just follow trends – they reinvent them.


While other footwear designs are the talk of the town, loafers are still synonymous with elegance. This spring-summer 2024 season, they stand out through six essential trends.


Loafers with heels


Giving a thin look to any silhouette, these iconic shoes are more than just footwear. This season, designs include a creation by AMI and the Mostra by Bottega Veneta, which brings us back to the 1940s.


While Freelance opts for sobriety, adorning its tortoiseshell loafers with 5cm heels, Gucci dares to enhance its iconic Horsebit loafers with high platforms, thus making sure that you will be the most prominent persona wherever you go.

Mocassins à talons, 470 €, Free Lance.

Disponibles sur 24s.com.

Mocassins à plateformes, 1 100 €, Gucci.

Disponibles sur mytheresa.com.

Mocassins à talons, 560 €, Ami Paris. 

Disponibles sur 24s.com.

Escarpins en cuir embossé, 1 200 €, Bottega Veneta. 

Disponibles sur mytheresa.com.

Loafers with picot soles


Long considered outdated, moccasins with picot soles are making a comeback, along with boat shoes, such as Tod’s emblematic Gommino design. These bubble-soled shoes are ready to conquer the streets.


The Italian brand Tod’s not only perpetuates tradition, but innovates by offering a wide range of colors and materials for its loafers. Miu Miu adds a patina effect, while Mango opts for suede.

Mocassins en suède, 79,99 €, Mango. 

Disponibles sur mango.com.

Mocassins en cuir, 740 €, Miu Miu. 

Disponibles sur mytheresa.com.

Moccassins Gommino, 590 €, Tod’s. 

Disponibles sur 24s.com.

White loafers


Conjuring up the purity and timeless charm of the 1980s, these bare canvas loafers take us to the 5bis rue de Verneuil in Paris. Valentino, which recently appointed Alessandro Michele as its new CEO, has revamped this classic design by adding a golden bit embossed with its logo to highlight the shoe.


For an even more immaculate look, Totem adorns them with faux crocodile embossed leather, while COS takes a traditionalist approach placing the white loafer as a wardrobe must-have.

Mocassins en cuir, 125 €, COS. 

Disponibles sur cos.com.

Mocassins en cuir à ornements, 890 €, Valentino Garavani. 

Disponibles sur net-a-porter.com.

Mocassins en cuir embossé, 520 €, Toteme. 

Disponibles sur mytheresa.com.

Raffia loafers


Combining traditional craftsmanship with modernity, raffia loafers are the perfect option for spring-summer 2024. Their braided patterns and sleek lines make them a must-have design.


Offered by renowned brands such as Victoria Beckham with a discreet bit, JW Anderson with a resolutely modern cream hue, and Aquazzura with imposing canework, these shoes add a subtle touch to your style and take it to the next level.

Mocassins en crochet, 565 €, JW Anderson.

Disponibles sur mytheresa.com. 

Mocassins en raphia et cuir, 695 €, Victoria Beckham. 

Disponibles sur mytheresa.com.

Mocassins en raphia, 695 €, Aquazzura. 

Disponibles sur mytheresa.com.

Two-tone loafers


A bold reinvention of classic loafers, these emblematic shoes from the 1990s were spotted on Lady Di as she wandered the streets of London. Featuring vibrant color combinations, two-tone moccasins are perfect for expressing your individuality.


Jimmy Choo offers a classic version in black and white, while Camper introduces a three-tone design – black, cappuccino and blue – and Nomasei rethinks its flagship design in shades of orange, ideal for summertime. These colorful loafers add a dose of dynamism and character to any silhouette.

Mocassins en cuir bicolore à ornements, 725 €, Jimmy Choo. 

Disponibles sur net-a-porter.com.

Mocassins, 175 €, Camper. 

Disponibles sur 24s.com. 

Mocassins tricolores, 385 €, Nomasei. 

Disponibles sur nomasei.com.

Suede loafers


Suede loafers with light-colored soles are the icing on the cake of the quiet luxury. Their velvety texture contrasts with their luminous sole, creating a floating effect.


Whether they appear in neutral tones for a classic look at Woolrich and Chatelles, or in bolder hues, such as Roger Vivier’s squirrel hue, these loafers embody the perfect alliance between luxury and simplicity.


Traduction Emma Naroumbo Armaing

Mocassins, 280 €, Chatelles. 

Disponibles sur mychatelles.com.

Mocassins en daim, 850 €, Roger Vivier. 

Disponibles sur mytheresa.com.

Mocassins en cuir velours, 220 €, Woolrich. 

Disponibles sur 24s.com.