29 sep 2021

Koché unveils a genderless capsule collection with… Tinder

During the Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week in Paris, the designer Christelle Kocher behind the Koché label presented her spring-summer 2022 collection, and also unveiled a new capsule collection, and not the least, since it was designed in collaboration with the dating app Tinder.

If Christelle Kocher unveiled this Tuesday, September 28 a spring-summer 2022 collection for her label Koché placed under the sign of craftsmanship and refinement, the French designer also presented one of the pieces from her brand new capsule collection, in collaboration not with another designer or label, but with the flagship dating app Tinder. On the program: a genderless wardrobe composed of eight pieces, including dresses, hoodies, T-shirts, caps and bandanas, all made in Italy from unused fabrics.


If we could already discover a glimpse of this capsule during the fashion show — a T-shirt dress entirely embroidered with pearls and embellished with ostrich feathers — the other pieces are revealed in a rather minimalist design, sometimes adorned with a small logo and the words “Koché x Tinder” or printed with a tie and dye pattern in pastel colors.


To top it off, Tinder will donate its entire share of the profits from the capsule collection to the Casa93 fashion school, based in Seine Saint-Denis, which highlights young talents from various backgrounds in the fashion world. “The strength of this collection lies in the way it embodies a generation with many faces. Koché is delighted to be able to collaborate with an app like Tinder that is rooted in pop culture and reflects our current times with values that are dear to us such as inclusivity and diversity.”, said Christelle Kocher about her capsule collection with Tinder.


Koché’s capsule collection with Tinder is available on koche.fr.