13 jul 2020

Lanvin showcases its spring-summer 2021 precollections at the Palais Idéal

Lavin’s creative director, Bruno Sialelli, chose to showcase the spring-summer 2021 menswear and womenswear precollections at the Palais Idéal, real architectural and naive art treasure.

Somewhere between fantasy and daydream, Lanvin’s 2021 spring-summer menswear and womenswear precollections show continuity with creative director Bruno Salielli’s previous projects. The flowy long dresses, along with the elegant suits and nonchalant attitudes of the models come together to create a mix of unseen before references, and a fusion of influences that resonate with the peculiar atmosphere of the Palais Idéal. Located in Auvergne, South-East of France, the Palais Idéal was built by the Facteur Ferdinand Cheval between 1879 and 1912. The palace is a real architectural and naive art treasure, reminiscent of fantastic constructions that inspired Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst and André Breton.