11 sep 2020

Who is Lola Lennox, daughter of Annie and up-and-coming pop star?

After starting out as a model in the 2010s, Lola Lennox is following her mother Annie Lennox – singer with the band Eurythmics – into a musical career. 

The same nose, same mouth and same passion for music. There’s no doubt, Lola Lennox is clearly her mother’s daughter and her mother is none other than Annie Lennox, the Scottish singer with the legendary band Eurythmics, known for global hits including Sweet Dreams (are made of this). After a brief stint as a model, Lola Lennox is following her own dreams of conquering the music industry.  


Since her earliest years, Lola Lennox has been surrounded by artists. She inherited her passion for music from her mother while her father, the Israeli director Uri Fruchtmann, gave her a taste for the stage: “When I was a kid, I never thought my parents had unusual jobs, but I did know they were happy in what they did,” she explains, “I remember seeing my mum make the video for  A White Shade of Palein London. I knew that what was going on was interesting and stimulating.” At the age of seven, she started piano lessons and cultivated her vocal skills at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where she experimented with several styles, from classical and jazz to musicals. A few years later, Lola Lennox quit studying music to concentrate on writing her first songs on the family piano: “My early songs were pretty good technically, but the writing of the lyrics was guided by my emotions and my experiences at the time,” admits the young singer. 


Fifteen years later, Lola Lennox swapped the piano seat in her mother’s garage for an audience of several hundred millions of spectators. For the historic concert “One World: Together At Home” last April, organised in support of the World Health Organisation, some of the biggest names in pop music came together. Lady Gaga, Chris Martin, Rita Ora and Jennifer Hudson topped the bill of the event which also featured the British songstress performing a duet with her mother in front of nearly 260 million viewers. For many, this was the first time they’d heard of Lola Lennox and thanks to the success of this mediatic coup, the singer is now releasing four singles over the course of 2020.  


With her last single Back At Wrong, Lola Lennox gives us a definitively pop sound that’s more rhythmic than her earlier projects. The lyrics draw inspiration from a toxic relationship: “I have to run and hide every time I see you, but in 99 seconds, I’ll wake up with my heart where it shouldn’t be”. In the studio, Lola Lennox, worked with the same producers as those behind the mega acts of Florence & The Machine, Sam Smith and even Adele: “These tracks are built on very personal stories and certain chapters of my life. They come straight from my own experience and radiate a very real and deeply intimate expression.