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Sebastião Salgado in 10 breath-taking landscapes


Major figure of photojournalism with his mastery of black and white landscape, the French-Brazilian reporter Sebastião Salgado has nothing left to prove. With his analogue and digital cameras, the 76 years old photographer creates a world in different shades of grey, in which lights and contrasts build the captivating depth one can find on large prints as well as in thick monographs. In almost five decades, this tireless and committed traveler went across six continents, through hundreds of countries in total. From the native civilizations in the Amazon and the deserted glaciers in the Arctic Ocean, to Sudan, Libya, India or China, his reports unveil a double mission: enhancing the diversity present in nature, while sharing his humanist perception of the world. Throwback to ten of his most staggering landscapes.

2. Waura group in the Upper Xingu region (2005)



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3. Dinka cattle camp of Amak, Southern Sudan (2006)



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4. Sahara, South of Djanet, Algeria (2009)



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5. Chinstrap penguins on an iceberg located between Zavodovski and Visokoi Islands. South Sandwich Islands (2009)



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6. Benako camp, Tanzania (1994)



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7. Iceberg Weddel sea (2005)



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8. The Salt of the Earth (2014)



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9. Eastern Brooks Range in the Yukon Territory (2004)


10. Wood being delivered to villages in the eastern Sierra Madre (1980)



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