27 mar 2020

Who is BFRND, Balenciaga fashion shows’ music artist ?

Radical designs and spectacular set designs, every Balenciaga show by Demna Gvasalia is an amazing tour de force. Another key element of his shows: the music signed by the understated artist BFRND. Numéro has asked some questions to the French musician, whose new EP “Genesis” has just been released. 

A sky full of red clouds, a flooded floor, a heavy apocalyptic atmosphere, a series of black bleak looks… Welcome to Balenciaga Fall-Winter 2020-2021 fashion show. Once again, Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga’s artistic director, put his talent for drama and sensationalism into practice. Another striking and constant element of his shows? The techno-symphonic music of the understated artist Loïk Gomez, better known as BFRND. Coming from the South of France, BFRND has just released his new EP Genesis, which features the last Balenciaga show’s sumptuous but at times anxious music, that opens on a string quartet peppered with powerful electronic beats. Numéro asked some questions to the self-taught musician about his collaboration with the French fashion house.


NUMÉRO : Where and when did you met Demna Gvasalia?

BFRND : I met Demna Gvasalia in March 2016 in London, it was love at first sight and we married a year later in Switzerland.


How did your collaboration with Balenciaga start ?

My collaboration with Balenciaga started by meeting one of the biggest goth idol aka Andrew Eldrich from the band Sisters of Mercy to create Balenciaga’s mens winter 2017 show soundtrack. It was an amazing experience to work with someone like him and it was probably the best way to introduce myself to the house of Balenciaga.


Why is it different to create a music for a show? 

A fashion show is like a movie filmed in front of an audience. All the elements are there : casting, decor, cameras, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc. I compose everything from scratch hand by hand with Demna. We create chapters in reaction to the looks that hits the runway to make a full story.


What is your best memory regarding your collaboration with Balenciaga?

The best memory that I keep from every show is the rehearsal, when my work is finalised and I see the cast, set design and music making one. It’s always a very emotional moment for me. It’s a moment that I take to realize all the work that has been done prior to give life to the show.


What was your relationship with fashion before?

Before meeting Demna and his work I had no interest in the fashion industry. I always loved to dress up but never felt connected to any designer and when I first saw his work I was mesmerised. Someone was finally speaking a language I understand and feel related to.