4 aug 2020

The biggest music stars photographed by Hedi Slimane

Passionate observer of the rock scene, which he captures in his striking photographs, famous designer Hedi Slimane is as respected in the musical industry as he is in the fashion one, which he has been reigning over for twenty years. For Numéro, Celine’s creative director unveils an exclusive portbfolio of his most beautiful black and white portraits of great music stars, from Lady Gaga to Kim Gordon by way of Pete Doherty.

Lady Gaga, Beverly Hills, January 2010
David Johansen, New York, June 2013
Iggy Pop, Los Angeles, November 2015
Pete Doherty, London, June 2007
Curtis Harding, Los Angeles, December 2014
Kim Gordon, New York, January 2013
Frances Bean Cobain, Los Angeles, June 2011
Jehnny Beth, London, February 2012
Johnny Rotten, Los Angeles, March 2010
Amy Taylor – Amyl and the Sniffers, London, May 2018
Keith Richards, Los Angeles, March 2013
Ariel Pink, Los Angeles, October 2011
Dani Miller – Surfbort, New York, July 2016
Michael D’Addario – The Lemon Twigs, New York, December 2016
Joan Jett, Los Angeles, June 2013
Josh Homme, Los Angeles, April 2015
B.B. King, Las Vegas, August 2013
Liza Thorn, Los Angeles, November 2011
Staz Lindes, Los Angeles, November 2016
Chris Owens, San Francisco, July 2017 Photos : Archives Hedi Slimane. Courtesy of Almine Rech Gallery.