22 oct 2021

Romain Gavras propels the rapper 070 Shake into 2034

We had (almost) not heard from him since the release of 2018 his excellent film The world is yours. However, Romain Gavras, who announced that he is signing with Netflix for his next film, is back today with a most explosive project related to his first love, music. If he is known for having directed sublime videos for Jamie xx (Gosh) or M.I.A (Bad Girls), the son of Costa-Gavras revealed an electrifying mini film, the result of his collaboration with the French electronic music composer Surkin. The latter formed the Gener8ion collective and unveiled the video for Neo Surf, a track with New York rapper 070 Shake, who is propelled into the future for the occasion… Discover the first chapter of a project that promises to be large, in which superstar Charlize Theron even participated.