2 sep 2020

“Fashion is recognizing imperfection as the real beauty” interview with Irina Shayk

Very present on the catwalks during the last fashion week, Irinas Shayk, attended as a guest the show Intimissimi, Italian label which she is the face of. On this occasion, Numero has met her.

The spring-summer 2020 Fashion Weeks were very busy for you. What’s your best memory?

The big memory was Burberry’s “Evolution” show. I think we all experience evolution in our lives so that makes this one close to my heart.


Things have changed a lot for women over the past two years, have you noticed that in fashion too?

Definitely. Changes in fashion make me so happy because you can see the brands no longer using just beautiful faces, but something beyond that, it’s all about personalities and charisma. For example, we’ve seen all the models from the 90’s coming back, like Naomi and Christy. Now it’s all about confident, beautiful and powerful woman. Also, I really think that over the past few years, fashion has been celebrating diversity and differences: it’s no longer just pretty size 0 models in fashion magazines and on the runways. Today it’s all about different shapes and fashion is recognizing imperfection as the real beauty.


How do you feel being the face of Intimissimi?

It was Intimissimi that discovered me in Moscow more than 12 years ago. I became the face of the brand and then an ambassador, now they are really like my family. Thanks to them, I’ve learnt so many things about my confidence, my body and how to model lingerie. Being the face of a brand for more than 10 years feels fantastic!


What’s it like to attend a show and not model in it?

I feel great because when you do a show, you don’t really get to see the whole collection and the performances. And it’s exciting because the show is like a Cabaret and it’s going to be full of surprises.


You were born in Russia, does that still impact your way of life ?

Everything is Russian in my life. I speak Russian to my daughter, I eat Russian food, I have Russian friends and I still watch Russian TV. I even celebrate the New Year and Christmas (xx xx). You can take the girl out of Russia but you can’t take Russia out of the girl!