31 jan 2018

Discover Jonny, the new creative platform by Tim Richardson and Amir Zia

Both Richardson and Zia envision Jonny as a creative platform to explore racial, gender and sexual diversity through a photographic, digital and artistic lens.

Jonny is a name synonymous with rebellion – known throughout literary, musical and film history as the original outcast. Richardson and Zia chose that most iconic of male names and knocked it flat on its back- to upend that icon. 


In a departure from conventional publishing formats they designed Jonny a series of unbound posters that fold into distinct 6 photographic stories. Richardson and Zia wanted a format that embodied their ethos for the project. The posters create an interplay between the stories. What they see as a more intuitive and open experience. Jonny is compelling with its mix of New York characters. The inventive layout mixed with artful imagery does indeed remix the name Jonny into a modern idea, a state of mind for the future. 


Jonny is welcomed as a bold start to 2018.