28 sep 2021

R. Kelly Convicted of Sex Crimes: A Turning Point for the #MeToo Movement

After long years of impunity, the R’n’B singer was found guilty of several sex crimes on Monday, September 27. An important verdict that symbolizes the progress made in the freedom of speech, the judgments of sexual crimes and the #MeToo movement.

Aaliyah, the cult singer whose shadow hung over R. Kelly’s trial

Aaliyah, the cult singer whose shadow hung over R. Kelly’s trial

For years, he seemed untouchable, despite suspicions. But the justice system has finally given its verdict and American singer R. Kelly has just been found guilty, on Monday, September 27 , of multiple sex crimes. The federal court in Brooklyn, New York, found that he had developed for years a formidable system of sexual exploitation of young women, especially minors. The 54-year-old  singer was also found guilty of sex trafficking.


The trial of the former R’n’B figure lasted more than a month. He was accused of crimes that took place between 1994 and 2018 such as extortion, corruption and forced labour. More than 50 witnesses painted a portrait of a dangerous man, an organized predator with a lot of support who indoctrinated his victims. There was also talk of singer Aaliyah, whom R. Kelly dated when she was a minor. Nine women and two men said the former star sexually abused them. The man who had success with the hit I Believe I Can Fly did not seem particularly surprised by the verdict and did not show any emotion. His prison sentence will be handed down on May 4 , 2022. In pre-trial detention, R. Kelly faces life imprisonment.