7 sep 2020

Kids from the East exhibited without taboo

The Czech Center in New York is hosting an exhibition devoted to the raw and filter free photography of a post-Soviet generation.

Led by the impulse of designers such as Gosha Rubchinskiy,  Eastern millennials have rapidly become a fascinating subject. The show Baby I Like it Raw brings together the work of photographers Marie Tomanova, Masha Demianova and Gorsad, all marked by a common denominator: a striking realism characterised by a raw style without any staging. Clichés are accompanied by videos with a subversive aesthetic reminiscent of the viewpoint taken by Larry Clark of an American youth in the 1990s. This is an exhibition guided by a hunger for artistic freedom and a determination to portray the realities of life as they are, carried by a young generation without taboos.


Baby, I Like it Raw exhibition on until April 4th at the Czech Center in New York.



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