28 sep 2021

Half of The Blaze takes us on a sublime electronic epic

Guillaume Alric, half of the French electro duo The Blaze, goes solo under the name Enfant Sauvage with a first single with the same emotional and epic grace as the project that made him known all over the world.

Silent Love, the first solo track of half of The Blaze, Guillaume Alric aka Enfant Sauvage, would not have stood out on the band’s first album, Dancehall (2018). We find the same poetry, the same electronic sounds charged with bittersweet emotions and above all the same way of creating images as in the hits that made the phenomenal success of the duo of mysterious cousins.


In the tradition of The Blaze’s powerful Virile and Territory, the sensitive video for Silent Love takes us through the beginnings of a teenage love story in an arid countryside. The hero,  idle and angry, seems to find a little appeasement in the tender gaze of a young local girl. After this first video with the air of a short film, Enfant Sauvage will release two other clips forming a trilogy as well as an album, Petrichor, which will be available on November 19. We will then finally be able to find out if Guillaume Alric manages to reach the heights of humanity he was working with with his family.


Silent Love (2021) by Enfant Sauvage, Animal63/Believe, available on all platforms. Petrichor, available on November 19th.