27 sep 2021

Christine and the Queens covers George Michael and… Michel Fugain

For her return, the French singer has chosen to tackle two timeless hits performed by musical monuments at opposite ends of the world: George Michael and Michel Fugain. And in both cases, the magic happens.

Powerful, magnetic, inventive… Christine and the Queens never really goes where she expects her. A year after releasing her EP La Vita Nuova, including a daring and successful collaboration with New York producer and electro-pop singer Caroline Polachek, the outstanding dancer revisits two seemingly untouchable hits. Standards at the antipodes that belong to the heritage of English pop and French song. It is on her new surprise EP entitled Joseph, that Christine and the Queens,  who performed on September 25 at the Global Citizen festival in Paris, unveils her two covers.


The first is a rereading of the utopian and committed classic of the 70s Comme l’oiseau by Michel Fugain, to which it brings a touch of dreamlike and modernity. While the second track reinvents George Michael’s cult Freedom (1990) in a synthetic and suave version that fits perfectly with his androgynous universe. In both songs, we find the same common thread, despite the different sounds: the quest for freedom in all its forms, whether political or intimate.


Héloïse Letissier (her real name), had already excelled in the art of cover music by indulging in very personal versions of songs by Bruce Springsteen,
The Weeknd
, Christophe, Véronique Sanson and Indochine. We are now impatiently waiting for his next original project, the release date of which we still don’t know but whose brilliance we can smell. As hinted at an Instagram post by Charli XCX from last September, it should be a collaboration between the latter, Caroline Polachek and Christine and The Queens. In other words, three of the most adventurous pop stars of the last five years brought together for an adventure that should once again break some codes. And make bodies shiver on the dancefloor…


(2021) by Christine and the Queens, Because, available on all platforms.