21 oct 2021

Angèle pays tribute to Brussels and announces a new album

After the resounding success of her first album Brol, Angèle returns with a tribute to her hometown. Called Bruxelles je t’aime,  the new single announces the release of his next album, scheduled for December. 

Angèle’s fans are over the moon. The singer with three million followers is making her comeback this Thursday with a new and highly anticipated single called Bruxelles, je t’aime. This single is not the first nod that the young woman has made to Belgium, her native country. Brol (2018), the title of his first album, is a colloquial term from the slang that in Belgian refers to disorder. Three years later, the young woman celebrates the success of this first album. Composed in his teenage bedroom, the opus – just certified double platinum –  has sold one million copies in France. The opus has many hits, which have been making the rounds on the radios for months,  such as Balance your what, Your queen or 


The 25-year-old singer – who is also a Chanel muse – is now a star of French song. The young Belgian will unveil a new album in December, which is already eagerly awaited. For now, she has only unveiled a very short excerpt of her new single on her Instagram account. Sitting on a train, the young woman with a melancholic face looks out over the misty landscape. The young Belgian, expected at the turn with this new single, has set the bar very high… His new video augurs nice surprises with this upcoming album. 


Bruxelles je t’aime (2021), by Angèle, released on October 21 at 5 p.m.