11 oct 2021

At the Café de Luce, Amandine Chaignot sublimates French gastronomy

Nearly two years after the opening of her bistro Pouliche, chef Amandine Chaignot unveils her brand new jewel: the Café de Luce, a small typical Parisian café-brasserie in the heart of Montmartre, which offers the best of French gastronomy.

It is on the Place Charles Dullin, in front of the very charming Théâtre de l’Atelier, that the Café de Luce has set up shop. Imagined by chef Amandine Chaignot, a former Masterchef juror who learned her trade in the greatest Parisian palaces (Bristol, Meurice, Crillon, Plaza Athénée), this small café-brasserie typical of the capital, open from 8 a.m. to midnight, offers classic French cuisine prepared from good, fresh, ultra-sourced products. If the young chef first opened her bistro Pouliche almost two years ago, she is now returning to the Montmartre district, in which she has lived for ten years, for her new table in tribute to her grandmother, Luce, who reminds her of her first culinary memories, such as cheese puff pastries or old-fashioned apple pies. It is this comforting sensation that Amandine Chaignot wanted to convey through the Café de Luce, by offering traditional and gourmet cuisine typical of Parisian brasseries.


On the menu, we find the famous eggs mayonnaise with croutons and wild herbs or a calf’s head with gribibichette sauce as a starter, then a delicious Salers beef tartare with vegetable herbs (which can also be topped with eight grams of Sturia caviar) or a gourmet salad composed of sautéed potatoes, egg, bacon, radishes, and roasted onions as a main course. Other signature dishes of the restaurant: the savory croissants, embellished with either Paris and Comté ham, or snails with parsley, or burrata, roasted artichoke and summer truffle. To end the meal, the Café de Luce offers a beautiful menu of desserts, such as an ultra-light floating island with pink pralines, a beautiful peach and raspberry salad with verbena and slices of pies according to the chef’s mood.


Le Café de Luce, 2 rue des Trois Frères, Paris 18th.