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“Pool Party”, the fashion story by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello


Discover Sasha Knysh, Manu Rios, Lucas Ucedo, Jae Won, Kim Juju Tuner, Egypt Craft, Vivica Dehi and Ben Hearst photographed by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello.

Left to right, him: cotton tank top and leopard printed neoprene jumpsuit, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC. Him, seated: wool top, CMMN SWDN. Him, back: printed cotton jersey top, KENZO. Vintage jeans. Her: denim dress with satin bow, MIU MIU. Nylon patchwork t-shirt, KITS. Him, standing: polyester top and wool pants, CMMN SWDN.
Her, center: embroidered wool dress and cotton jersey sweater, LOUIS VUITTON. Him, left: cotton tank top with tie and dye patterns, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC. Him, back: polyester top and wool pants, CMMN SWDN. Him, right: polyester top, CMMN SWDN.
Sleeveless top in printed jacquard Lurex and prince of Wales wool skirt and cashmere patterns, PACO RABANNE. Vintage necklace.
Her: silk knit dress, LOEWE. Him: openwork cotton tank top, RICK OWENS.
Left to right, him: top in cotton jersey, KENZO. Vintage jeans. Her, middle: silk gauze dress, DIOR. Her, right: top and skirt in Nylon patchwork, KITS.

Dress in pleated cotton mesh and flip flops, JIL SANDER.

Left to right, her, left: sleeveless cotton dress, Y/PROJECT. Him, back: wool top, CMMN SWDN. Her, centre: lace jumpsuit, BLUMARINE. Nylon patchwork top, KITS. Vintage prince of Wales wool bolero. Flip-flops, JIL SANDER. Him, back: cotton jersey top, KENZO. Her, right: acetate pants, MAME KUROGOUCHI. Belt, CHLOÉ. Vintage top.

Her: top and dress in printed Stretch tulle, ATLEIN. Him: cotton tank top with tie and dye patterns and leopard printed neoprene coveralls, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC.
Her, left: sleeveless cotton dress, Y/PROJECT. Her, centre: sleeveless Nylon top and wool trousers, ACNE STUDIOS. Nylon top, KITS. Him, right: openwork cotton tank top and denim skirt, RICK OWENS.
Left to right, her: sleeveless cotton dress, Y/PROJECT. Sneakers, CONVERSE. Him, front: denim skirt, RICK OWENS. Her, back: printed silk dress and belt, CHLOÉ. Him, right: printed polyester top and wool pants, CMMN SWDN.
Dress in silk and acetate tie and dye, STELLA MCCARTNEY. Flip-flops, JIL SANDER.

Models: Sasha Knysh at Women Management. Manu Rios at Next Management. Lucas Ucedo at LA Models. Jae Won Kim at Two Management. Juju Turner and Egypt Craft at Wrenn Management. Vivica Dehi and Ben Hearst at Margaux The Agency. Hair: Dylan Chavles at Art Department. Make-up: Lottie at Lowe & Co. Assistant director: Sophie Houdré. Digital: Sean Deckert at Milk and Leon Singleton. Production: Peter McClafferty.

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