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Why are Lidl’s sneakers selling over the odds on the internet?


Net users are going crazy over a pair of sneakers that originally sold for about 10 euros on the discount supermarket giant Lidl’s website. Last week, a pair went for 1255 euros on eBay. What’s the secret behind the success of these shoes?

Sneakers Lidl — limited edition, 2020

Last week, the discount giant Lidl unveiled a collection of basics selling for between 0.99 cents and 13 euros. Sold out within just a few hours, the t-shirts, socks, sliders and shoes in the brand’s signature red-blue-yellow colours sent social media into a flurry. Some pieces are now being re-sold at 100 times their original price on auction sites, like this pair of sneakers that cost 12.99 euros and have been sold for 1255 euros on eBay. 



A phenomena that's nothing to do with luck but is part of a daring marketing strategy as Lidl simply replicates luxury fashion houses and brands such as Supreme, that have built their reputations on “drops” – a technique that involves selling exclusive products in very small quantities in localised sales points, without running big promotional campaigns. A highly efficient way of inciting customers to buy these limited editions as quickly as possible and thus becoming the “happy few” to own them. Lidl is also surfing this trend for “ugly shoes”, by offering a cheap and cheerful version of the massive soled colourful footwear that luxury labels like Balenciaga and Stella McCartney have been making. 



For the time being, the collection is only available in Germany and Belgium. Pending a possible release in France, competitions to win the accessories have been set up on Lidl's social media and it’s also possible to procure a pair on Leboncoin.

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