Born in Cheltenham, a regency spa town in the south of England, and a graduate of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2011, Josh O’Connor hadn’t planned on going into film. While the British cop series Lewis brought him to attention on the small screen in 2012, it was alongside Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep in the biopic Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) that he wandered through the front door of movie-making. The film was about the life of a dreadful New York socialite who dreams of becoming an opera singer. After a brief stint in the series Peaky Blinders, 2017 will go down as the year he really made it thanks to director Francis Lee who gave him the lead role in the full-length feature God’s Own Country, which won him Best Actor at the British Independent Film Awards. In this countryside account soaked by Yorkshire drizzle – the worst on the British Isles – a depressed farmer, Johnny Saxby endures the monotony of rural life. A grafter whose daily existence is lifted only by alcohol and fleeting liaisons. Until he meets Romanian seasonal worker Gheorghe one day, and despite his perplexity, the confrontation subtly leads to romance and his confusion finally wanes.


Josh O’Connor's performance in this new Brokeback Mountain, one of the best films of the year won over the public and caught the eye of a certain Jonathan Anderson, creative director at Loewe. The Irish designer saw in Josh’s acting, “an incredible and very pure strength” and subsequently made him the new face of Loewe. Standard bearer of the Spanish brand’s menswear campaigns, the 27-year old actor is now busy refusing offers from various big Hollywood producers. Josh O'Connor has no intention of donning a super-hero’s cape and saving Manhattan. He’s interested only in independent movies, with plans to develop his palette of roles and will most likely go back to the boards that saw him born.