9 nov 2023

Jacob Elordi takes the lead with men’s handbags

For several weeks now, the internet and photographers are all about Australian actor Jacob Elordi. The reasons of this enthusiasm are neither his roles nor his acclaimed appearance at the Venice Film Festival, but his bags, which are drawing all the attention. 

Jacob Elordi and his bags: a passionate love story with fashion


While every it-girl owns her own collection of it-bags, men still prefer to stuff their belongings into their pockets or ask their spouses to carry them. As impractical as it sounds, it seems to be a golden rule – if you’re a man, you don’t carry a handbag.


That’s the reason why Jacob Elordi, who became known with the HBO series Euphoria in 2019, has been causing such a stir with his accessorized looks for some time now. The first time it happened was when he walked holding a Fendi Baguette bag around his torso alongside his ex-girlfriend Zendaya in 2020. Yet the press and the public assumed that he was just carrying his sweetheart’s belongings. They qualified his look as “too cute” and described him as a “gentleman”. 


What a surprise, then, when the 26-year-old Australian actor reappeared alone, carrying another Baguette bag at a Fendi party a few months later. Not only did he own two of them, but he also wore them both! Benefiting from the aura of Sex and the City’s character Carrie Bradshaw, who made that trendy bag an iconic must-have in the late 1990s, that first fashion statement marked Jacob Elordi’s debut as the new it-boy of his generation.

Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Céline, Chanel, Louis Vuitton… Jacob Elordi’s crazy bag collection 


Since then, the Australian actor has peppered each one of his appearances with new additions to his leather goods collection, which would make any fashionista quiver. Jacob Elordi walks around Los Angeles holding a matcha in one hand and a Bottega Veneta Andiamo bag on the other, he strolls through the streets of New York with a small, monogrammed bag or a large soft leather tote bag by Celine, he carries a Valentino Locò mini bag under his arm in Milan or attends the Bottega Veneta fashion show holding the house’s Cassette it-bag every customer eagerly wants. In short, Jacob Elordi possesses every it-bags in his closet, wears them and, above all, creates a sensation with them.


The proof was in his recent appearance at the 2023 Venice Mostra, to present Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film, Priscilla, in which he plays Elvis Presley. As soon as he stepped on the city’s port, he appeared with the Louis Vuitton Keepall bag in his hand, which Pharrell Williams brought up to date in a canary yellow version for his first Louis Vuitton fashion show last June. That same evening, he sported a delicate little black quilted bag by Chanel, the finishing touch to his simple shirt-and-trousers look, which became even more fashionable thanks to that accessory.



Translation by Emma Naroumbo Armaing.