4 oct 2021

The Ann Demeulemeester Spring-Summer 2022 Show

Presented in the heart of a high school in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, the new Ann Demeulemeester collection is at the center of the path traced by the label since its creation in 1985. Faithful to the milestones set at the time by the eponymous Belgian designer, who left her artistic direction eight years ago , the studio’s creative team unveils a wardrobe of nonchalance elegance oscillating between black and white,  for a resolutely binary palette leaving little room for shades of grey. Once again, we find blazers and suit waistcoats –  always worn open – round hats and flowing dresses, black leather coats and pants, all components of the neo-romantic style that made him famous. The new features brought this season can be seen in faded black denim or ecru white, gathered sleeves detached from their jackets to cover the arms from elbow to wrist, dresses and tube skirts in thick wool knits or flared shorts, whose low waist releases the flexibility of the tops worn underneath. Like words traced in Indian ink on the clothes, long, thin ribbons dot the silhouettes to accompany them with a graceful movement and compose a real calligraphy in space.