29 sep 2021

Cindy Bruna back on the catwalk of the Ottolinger Spring-Summer 2022 show

For his first show in Paris since the pandemic, Ottolinger opted for the old-fashioned charm of a private mansion in the 7th arrondissement, whose rooms full of memories had already hosted a contemporary art exhibition a few months ago. This season, the duo formed by Christa Bosch and Cosima Gadient continues to follow in the footsteps of designer Glenn Martens with asymmetrical games and a deconstructivist vision of clothing. Berliners continue to develop the shapes that have made them successful: openwork of various sizes, thin and multiple straps, tight pieces on the border between clothing and underwear of which new monochrome bodysuits in orange, hot pink or white, right down to the sandals, whose straps wrap around the high socks to form a sensual ensemble. From asymmetrical pastel green denim jackets adorned with sinuous seams to patchwork tartans and  photographs by German artist Lucie Stahl, which dress mesh dresses in their entirety,  Ottolinger mixes eroticism, body-positivity and even futurism, through silver ensembles that seem to open the label’s universe to science fiction.