20 oct 2023

Fashion interview with Camille Razat, French cinema’s most stylish actress

While she shares the same love for fashion as her Parisian trendy character in the series Emily in Paris, Camille Razat admits being more playful with her style in real life. Deceptively classic in her everyday life, the French actress dares to wear bold, even downright dramatic looks when she attends a fashion show or walks on a red carpet. During the Calzedonia event in Milan, Camille Razat opened up to Numéro about her passion for fashion.

Camille Razat, the revelation of Emily in Paris


On Friday, October 2nd, the day Netflix broadcast the first season of Emily in Paris (2020), the show directed by Darren Star (Sex & The City) became a global phenomenon in just a few hours. Acclaimed by the American audiences, the series incurred the French audience’s wrath, as it was considered too stereotypical.


Boosted by that controversy, which took social media by storm (and by the Covid-19 restrictions), Emily in Paris was a groundbreaking success. As the seasons went by, it became clear that the series tended to ridicule the arrogance of American people when confronted with a foreign culture.


Just like in Sex & The City (1998-2004) and Gossip Girl (2007-2012), fashion plays a central role in the identity of Emily in Paris, without being the main topic. The often-over-the-top looks of Emily (Lily Collins), a candid American who has just landed in the City of Light, contrast sharply with the effortless style of the young Parisian gallery owner played by Camille Razat. In the eyes of the world, Camille Razat now embodies the quintessential French chic. 


French cinema’s most fashionable actress


While the young woman from Toulouse, a city in the South of France, feels as drawn to fashion and elegance as her character, she acknowledges having more fun with her image in real life. While she adorns a deceptively classic style on a daily basis, she wears daring and eclectic looks when it comes to attending shows during the Fashion Week or walking the red carpet – all thanks to the precious advice of her stylist Clément Lomellini.


Her relationship with fashion and clothes suggests a playful, performative approach, rather than a desire to attract the flashbulbs of photographers. Gothic-chic in Victoria Beckham, streetwear couture in Givenchy, French elegance in Balmain… Often dramatic, yet always glamorous, and discreetly avant-garde, Camille Razat surprises us every time.


On Tuesday 19th of September 2023, at the Calzedonia event in Milan, Numéro interviewed the most stylish actress of the French cinema industry.

Fashion interview with French actress Camille Razat


Numéro: Can you tell us more about your look at the Calzedonia evening party in Milan?

I told myself a story to compose my look. It’s about a young widow who has just lost her husband, but who goes out to celebrate. Since we’re in Italy, I opted for a Versace total look, along with a pair of Calzedonia tights of course.


What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a means of expression, and perhaps the most powerful one. When you introduce yourself to someone, the first impression is often the one that leaves a mark on people.


What was your first fashion memory?

I think it was one of Martin Margiela’s first fashion shows. I was impressed by his creativity. Alexander McQueen as well, for whom I nurture a huge passion.


And the best memory?

It’s hard to pick only one moment, but I would say the first time I tried on a Chanel couture outfit.


What are your everyday and red-carpet styles? 

It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to go for a more masculine look, then for a more feminine weird look, or a classic chic look. For a red-carpet appearance, I really like to create characters and play a role for the evening.


How do you feel about the fact that every one of your public appearances becomes a fashion statement?

I’m very happy and grateful because I’ve always loved fashion, ever since I was a little girl. I’ve been collecting fashion magazines since I was 13, and I have a passion for Numéro. I’ve even dedicated a whole shelf in my library to your magazine.


What would you like to wear that you don’t dare wearing yet?

I honestly don’t limit myself regarding fashion.


How does a character’s wardrobe help you get into a role on set?

The clothes I wear when I’m acting allow me to better define my character. Costumes usually help me projecting myself into the character’s life and picturing their tastes, or sometimes their relation to the world.


Out of all the characters you have played, which one has the best style according to you? 

I think it’s definitely the character of Camille in Emily In Paris. Fashion is central to the show, so I can have fun with all the looks.


And the worst look…?

That I won’t say.


All three seasons of Emily in Paris are available on Netflix.