3 jun 2022

Thanks to the season 4 of Stranger Things, Kate Bush rises on iTunes and Spotify

The 1985 new wave hit Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) released by the British singer-songwriter Kate Bush gains a new lease of life on iTunes and Spotify in the United States after being featured in the season 4 premiere of the fantasy show Stranger Things, available on Netflix since Friday, May 27th.

Kate Bush in her hotel room in Tokyo in June 1978 ©Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images.

Last March, Nirvana’s 1991 song Something in the Way witnessed a phenomenal renewed interest thanks to its recurrent featuring in Matt Reeves’ blockbuster The Batman with Robert Pattinson. The poignant track made by the grunge music group saw its audience increased by 1,200% on Spotify within one week only after the film’s release in the dark rooms of movie theaters. This week unveils another phenomenon, the British singer and eccentric icon from the 1980s Kate Bush, who is running up the music charts a few decades after her hour of glory.


While the fourth season of Stranger Things is available on Netflix since Friday, May 27th, the hit composed by the flamboyant and visionary artist knows a new lease of life. Featured in the opening episode of the fantasy show’s new season, the everlasting epic art pop and new wave Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) first released in 1985 now hits No. 1 on iTunes and the top 200 on Spotify in the US. The song already was a hit in the 1980s, reaching the top of the charts in the UK too. It now plays a key role in the series as it relates to Max’s storyline (Sadie Sink).


We already had a hint about the importance of Kate Bush in the fourth season of Stranger Things, as actress Winona Ryder, who also stars in the show, wore a badge of the singer at the launch event for the new season. Besides, Beetlejuice heroine, who loves that musician, might have recommended the track to the screenwriters of the show. Before Kate Bush, Stranger Things had already thrived on that retro-futuristic aesthetics and brought back to life a couple of famous artists from the past. The music video of the moving synthpop ballad Never Ending Story by Kajagoogoo’s singer Limahl had his views increase up to 800% on YouTube, after being featured in the third season of the show.


Stranger Things season 4 (2022), available now on Netflix.