26 oct 2021

Christine, John Carpenter’s funniest horror movie, is perfect for a Halloween night

One of the most astonishing horror films, John Carpenter’s masterpiece, Christine,  re-released in cinemas in 2021 and available on DVD, is perfect for a Halloween party in front of her screen. In this satire of consumer society, the heroine is none other than a diabolical and possessive car , meticulously killing all of its owner’s suitors. 

A cult film by independent filmmaker John Carpenter, Christine was re-released in cinemas in 2021, which allowed many people to (re)discover it. Nicknamed the “master of horror”, the American is adulated for his films that have become references, such as Halloween: Night of the Masks (1978) or New York 1997 (1981). As audacious as it is eclectic, the filmography of the filmmaker, who has also distinguished himself in the musical field, is based on a dark aesthetic, a minimalist soundtrack and a stripped-down editing. From Hollywood to New York, John Carpenter’s films plunge us into a world of thrills and anxiety with suspense guaranteed. This man in search of absolute evil is thus one of the icons of modern cinema.


Why we need to watch John Carpenter’s Christine movie again for Halloween


Released on screens in 1983, Christine is based on a crazy plot where the heroine is none other than a diabolical car. A shy and self-conscious teenager – played by Keith Gordon –  falls in love with a bright red sparkling Plymouth Fury. Jealous and possessive, the car bewitches its owner and kills anyone who tries to separate them. Adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name, John Carpenter directs this film without much enthusiasm – forced by economic motivations due to the failure of his previous film – Christine is now considered one of his masterpieces. Satire of the consumerist society, Christine twists the codes of the horror film by mixing the plot with a rock’n’roll atmosphere. The director personifies the evil car in the guise of a sexy pin-up oscillating between a  girlfriend and a witch character. Having become a cult film, this hypnotic film continues to bewitch young artists over the decades. The cover of Clara Luciani’s album Cœur (2021) also refers, in its logo, to the poster of John Carpenter’s film.


Christine (1983) by John Carpenter, available on DVD and on Canal VOD.