On September 19th, Jacques Audiard is back in movie theatres with his latest movieThe Sisters Brothers, a western filmed entirely in English, a first for this French director. In the trailer, released on May 24th, Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly play Elie and Charlie Sisters, two hit men brothers united in the face of adversity. In the American West of 1851, the two men are hired by the Commodore (Rutger Hauer) to kill, with the help of Detective Morris (Jake Gyllenhaal), Hermann Kermit Warm (Riz Ahmed), a chemist full of the gold rush, who’s developed a formula to locate the precious metal.


For Oregon to San Francisco, The Sisters Brothers, follows the equestrian epic of two brothers traversing the great outdoors. But along the way, the fraternal relationship is put to the test. Because while Charlie Sisters thrives on his life as a criminal, Elie dreams of repenting. It's a reflection on violence added to by some highly comical conversations between the two brothers with cynical verve. Adapted from the 2011 novel of the same title by Canadian writer Patrick deWitt, The Sisters Brothers recalls the director’s affection for ambivalent characters, interpreted by a five-star cast.