How do you prepare for a new film?​

Generally I take a good vacation. Then I start working on several projects at once until one of them makes an impression on me. I write alone. I used to work mainly at night but now I have kids I have to force myself into another rhythm. I make myself go to the office. The writing usually takes about a year and it’s the hardest time. I fill up mood boards with visual references and ideas for shots, so my collaborators can get a precise idea of what I want.



“The French Nouvelle vague of the 1960s is still the best cinema.



Music seems to play an important role in your creative process.​

It’s very important. Not only is there a lot of music in my films, but I also listen to music while I’m writing, it stimulates my imagination. The actors like the atmosphere of the set to be close to the reality of the scenes they’re playing.


Is Hollywood part of your life ? 

Not really, actually. I don't live in L.A., I don't really like tv shows. I hang out with some people from the cinema industry but finally, it's a different world.