26 oct 2021

Moncler, a new performance at the top in perfume

The Italian luxury house renowned for its quilted down jackets, which combine luxury and high-performance sportswear, unveils its first two fragrances, “Moncler pour Femme”  and “Moncler pour Homme”,  in close collaboration with the Interparfums group.

Inspired by the world of the mountains and in constant search of innovation and evolution, the house continues its ascent in the field of perfumery.


These two new flavors are not lacking in audacity. The flaccid bottles echo the Alpine heritage and the iconic quilting of Moncler’s down jackets. Also, their LED design, a playful and revolutionary innovation, allows you to write a personalized note on the bottle that scrolls in red letters via a smartphone application.


An innovation that also extends to fragrances. Unique and exclusive to Moncler, the fragrance duo shares a woody, warm and sophisticated accord, ” Mountain Woods”, a combination of noble natural materials and unique accords created by Nisrine Grillié, Quentin Bisch, Antoine Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud.


” Moncler Pour Femme ” is a musky woody floral combining a powdery mineral accord evoking freshly fallen snow and a luminous bergamot. In the heart, jasmine sambac and heliotrope make the link with the woody trio, amber, cedar and sandalwood, and the creaminess of a vanilla.

 ” Moncler pour Homme ” is an aromatic woody fragrance. At the top, a green accord blends with the energizing freshness of clary sage and an overdose of woody notes from pine, cypress, cedar, sandalwood and smoked vetiver resin.


                “The “Mountain Woods” accord is the common thread between women’s and men’s fragrances. We chose cedar for its woody character that evokes the great outdoors. In order to convey the elegant sophistication of the House, we worked on an overdose of amber notes. In collaboration with Antoine Maisondieu, we have enriched the sandalwood accord for its comforting and creamy warmth.” Nisrine Grillié


Moncler for Women and Moncler for Men,MONCLER . 180 euros, for 150 ml. Available in Moncler boutiques on the Champs-Elysées, Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Chamonix, Megève and at Printemps Haussmann in Paris.