14 apr 2020

Photographs from the Magnum Photo agency for just 100 dollars

From Monday 6th to Sunday 12th April, the photography agency Magnum Photos is organising a special online sale in collaboration with the non-profit organisation, The Everyday Projects. What makes this event so special is that every print, authenticated by its author, can be acquired for the modest sum of $100, with 50% of the profits going to the emergency action of Doctors Without Borders in the battle against Covid-19.


Treat yourself to an authentic print by a major photographer for just 100 dollars: this is the exceptional offer coming from the Magnum Photos agency with its new special sale entitled “Turning Points’. Started last Monday and set to continue until Sunday April 12th at 6pm (Eastern Time Zone), it allows anyone who so desires to purchase an image from a choice of around 100 at this particularly attractive price. 


The sale is the fruit of a first collaboration between the photography agency, established in 1947, and the non-profit organisation The Everyday Projects, created in 2012 in the Ivory Coast with the goal of encouraging local photographers to challenge the media-driven stereotypes of African society. Thus the selection for the sale brings together some very established photographers from the 20thcentury as well as numerous contemporary visual artists from around the world. Among them are some of the biggest names in the history of photography including Susan Meiselas, Martin Parr, Raymond Depardon and even Robert Capa, one of the eminent founders of the Magnum Photos agency.



Alex Webb, Grenada. 1979. © Alex Webb / Magnum Photos


The theme of the selected images is particularly relevant right now: “Turning Points”, in other words those pivotal moments in history where certain phenomena have challenged the status quo, making a clean sweep and allowing for the germination of initiatives that herald a new cycle. It's an undisguised echo of the health crisis currently paralysing the planet, that's leading many organisations to look for ways to approach it through artists and their works while encouraging people to think.


In response to the current situation, the “Turning Points” sale has another particularity: 50% of its profits will be donated to the charity Doctors Without Borders, through its platform of emergency donations in the fight against the Covid -19 pandemic. Exceptionally, and in order to reap the most benefit for the organisation, the number of copies of the prints offered for sale will not be defined in advance – as it usually is – but will depend on the number of orders placed during these seven days. All the photographs will be printed by the agency in colour in just one size, 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm, and signed or estate stamped.



The “Turning Points” sale runs from Monday April 6th to Sunday April 12th  on the Magnum Photos agency website.